Venue Guidelines

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Deposit & Payment Options

  • A $400.00 security deposit is required in case damages occur. You will receive a $400.00 refund in the mail within 2-4 weeks after your event if there are no damages.
  • 50% of the total estimated amount due is required five months prior to your event date.
  • The remainder of the balance is due one month prior to your event. 
  • The guaranteed guest count is due one month prior to your event. All packages include 250 guests, each additional guest over the 250 guests is $8.00 per guest. That payment is due one month with last payment and is non-refundable.
  • Prices are subject to change until a contract is signed.

Cancellation Policy

  • You must submit your cancellation in writing. If the wedding is cancelled, you must notify Double Creek Crossing in writing. You will only be refunded half of the money paid, excluding the $400.00 deposit.

Property Access

  • Double Creek Crossing capacity is 250 guests.
  • A $8.00 fee will be added per guest going over the 250-guest capacity limit.
  • On the day of your event, you will have access to the venue for the entire day. Everyone must be out by 1:00 a.m. (this includes time allowed for cleanup).
  • Your Vendors will enter the property from another entrance so this will not interfere with your guests arriving. (Address 6615 Highway 21 E.)
  • Making sure the property is maintained appropriately for your event.
  • Once table and chairs are set up, and if a rain shower occurs, Double Creek Crossing is NOT responsible for drying tables or chairs off.

Wedding Rehearsal

  • You will be allotted a time slot for your 2-hour rehearsal if the Venue is available (schedule to be determined by Double Creek Crossing). Due to other events, this may not be able to occur on the night before the wedding. This will be scheduled two months prior to your event date. Double Creek Crossing will do everything possible to make this schedule convenient for you and your party.
  • If you would like to have a rehearsal dinner at Double Creek Crossing, it is an extra fee of $300.
  • The rules for alcohol apply the same to the rehearsal dinner as the wedding and reception.
  • Clean-up for rehearsal dinner: trash bags must be tied and placed in the back of the trailer at the kitchen door and the kitchen must be cleaned.
  • Venue closes at 9:00PM for rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.


  • Free standing decorations only are allowed inside and outside on the property of Double Creek Crossing. Candles are only permitted if contained in proper globes, cylinders, or floating. No flames are allowed on the premises of Double Creek Crossing.
  • Bubbles, rice, only real rose pedals, and wedding sparklers are allowed.  (All sparklers are to be picked up and placed in a container or trash bag and put in the back of the trailer.)
  • All wedding sparklers that are used must be over 25 inches long.
  • NO sparklers are to be used if raining.
  • NO sparklers will be used on the front porch.
  • The following items are prohibited in decorating and may NOT be used on the property:  nails, screws, tacks, staples, tape, glitter, confetti, and birdseed
  • All decorations and flowers are to be removed by the end of the rental period.
  • If you use any feather boas, you need to clean up all feathers immediately after reception.
  • If you are using any of DCC’s glassware or other decorations, you need to return them to their proper place.


  • All individuals using the prep kitchen are responsible for cleaning before leaving. (These guidelines are posted throughout the kitchen.)
  • Kitchen floors must be swept.
  • All sinks, countertops, microwaves, and warmers must be wiped down
  • All trash must be placed in designated trash bins.  The bride must inform caterers that they must take their trash back to their property to their dumpster.
  • Full trash bags are to be placed outside kitchen door in the back of the trailer provided by the owner.
  • All leftover food must be removed from refrigerated and warmer.
  • If bottled water is provided for the guests during the ceremony, you will be responsible for the cleanup at the ceremony site.
  • All trash and belongings are to be removed from the Bride and Grooms changing rooms.
  • Double Creek Crossing will only be responsible for the trash the night of the wedding and reception.  If extra cleanup is needed the next day, your cleaning party is responsible for taking off all boxes.

 Smoking Policy

  • Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking area outside. There is no smoking allowed in Gabrielle’s Mansion, Savannah’s Garden, and parking lot.

Alcohol Rules

  • Double Creek Crossing does not serve any of the alcohol.
  • All drinks must be served by a TABC licensed bar tender that is approved by Double Creek Crossing. You are responsible for making arrangements with the TABC licensed bartender.
  • The TABC licensed bartender is the only person that is allowed to bring alcohol on the property.
  • You are accountable for your guests’ consumption of alcohol and conduct. Please be responsible and respectful of the property.


  • All events with alcohol require a security guard that will be on the premises from the start to the finish of the event at an additional fee. Double Creek Crossing will arrange for the police officer. Two officers will be required if you have over 200 guests.

Outdoor / Weather option

  • Double Creek Crossing, the bride, and groom will discuss alternate weather options in the event of unplanned weather the day before the event.
  • Double Creek Crossing is not responsible for drying/cleaning table and chairs.
  • Tables taken down to the Ceremony site are to be brought up to the venue.

Overtime / Damages

  • If any damages occur to the Double Creek Crossing property/venue due to negligence, you will not receive your refund of your $400.00 security deposit.
  • If your party stays later than 1:00 a.m. you will be charged $250.00 for every hour.
  • The following items are prohibited in decorating and may not be used on the property: nails, screws, tacks, staples, tape, glitter, confetti, and birdseed.
  • No open flames are allowed on the premises of Double Creek Crossing.
  • Cooking will not be allowed on the property. (Catering prep kitchen only)
  • You must inform your Vendors of your allotted time slot of your event. They are responsible for the cleaning up and leaving at 1:00 a.m. or you will be charged an additional fee of $250.00.
  • No outside alcohol is allowed. If anyone other than the bartender brings any alcohol on the premises, they will be asked to leave.
  • Double Creek Crossing is not responsible for any items lost or damaged.


  • You will receive a vendors list when signing a contract with Double Creek Crossing.
  • You must use one of the preferred licensed caterers and bartender on the vendor list.

Wedding Coordinator

  • Wedding coordinators or planners are welcome and Double Creek Crossing will assist them if needed.

Sound System

  • Double Creek Crossing is wired for most sound system.

Questions or concerns? 

Contact us and we are happy to assist.